1.    What is the Al Ahly Points reward program?

Al Ahly Points is NBEs loyalty program that rewards its valued customers through earning points for every purchase transaction made by your NBE credit card, debit cards and prepaid "Colleges & Remittances" which can then be redeemed for E-vouchers that can be used at all our redemption network or travel all over the world.

Points are not earned for installment or fawry transactions done through NBE cards.

2.    How do I enroll into the Al Ahly Points reward program?

-      Enrollment into Al Ahly Points Program is automatic and free, once you activate your NBE Cards either credit, debit and prepaid cards "Colleges & Remittances".

3.    How do I earn Al Ahly Points?

-      Use your NBE Cards for all your domestic and international retail spends to earn Al Ahly points.

The number of Al Ahly Points that you will be awarded depends on the type of Card you hold.

Points for every pound

Card type

1.5 point

Platinum credit cards

1 point

Gold credit Cards

1 point

Classic Credit card

1 point

Platinum Debit cards

0.5 point

Classic Debit Cards

0.5 point

Prepaid cards " Colleges and Remittances "

1 Point

Remittance cards "International transfer from foreign currencies to EGP"


4.    Are there any membership fees to enroll in the program?

-      No. The enrollment in Al Ahly Points program is absolutely free of charge and NBE customers are automatically enrolled in Al Ahly Points Rewards Program, once they activate their NBE Cards.

5.    What are the NBE Products and Services that offer Al Ahly Points?

-      You will earn Al Ahly Points on all spend made using any of NBE Cards (MasterCard and Visa) (credit, debit and prepaid "Colleges and Remittances"), except for installment or fawry transactions.

6.    Do Al Ahly Points expire?

-      Al Ahly Points collected will automatically expire after 36 months from the date of the transaction.

7.    How can I redeem my Al Ahly Points?

-      To redeem your points online; log on to www.alahlypoints.com and redeem directly online.

-      To redeem over the phone, contact our call center on 19623 and request a redemption of your Al Ahly Points.

8.    How can I keep track of my Al Ahly points balance?

-      Al Ahly Points balance can be found either when you log on to the rewards website www.alahlypoints.com or by calling our call center on 19623.

9.    Can the vouchers be exchanged for cash?

-      No, you cannot exchange your e-vouchers for cash, you can however use your vouchers together with cash to make a purchase.

10. How can I receive my e-vouchers?

-      SMS will be sent to the customer's registered mobile number at NBE.


11. How can I burn my e-voucher at the merchants?


-      We require to provide the pin code mentioned in the SMS in addition to the last 6 numbers of your NID.


12. How can I redeem my Ahly points to travel all over the world?


-      The customer redeems the points personally through the program's website www.alahlypoints.com and the customer service role is limited to replying the customers inquiries.