1.       AL AHLY Points program Enrollment is automatic and free, once you activate your NBE credit, Debit, prepaid cards "remittance and Colleges".

2.       Use your NBE Cards (credit, debit, prepaid "remittance and Colleges") in all your domestic and international retail spends to earn AL AHLY Points. (Except for all Installments and Fawry Transaction).
The number of AL AHLY Points you will be awarded depends on the type of Card you hold

Points for every pound

Card type

1.5 point

Platinum credit cards

1 point

Gold credit Cards

1 point

Classic Credit card

1 point

Platinum Debit cards

0.5 point

Classic Debit Cards

0.5 point

Prepaid cards " remittance and Colleges"

1 Point

Remittance cards "International transfer from foreign currencies to EGP"


3.       AL AHLY Points collected on a Transaction will automatically expire after 36 months of date of this transaction

4.       Minimum number of Points needed to issue a Voucher is 5000 Point

5.       Vouchers can only be used for redemption against purchases made at any of our partner merchant outlets. They cannot be redeemed against cash. However they can be combined with cash and used to make payments for purchases at any of our partner merchant outlets.

6.       You can redeem your points to e-vouchers or travel around the world or Mobile Top-Up

- E-voucher SMS that can be used at all our redemption network.

- Travelling all over the world by booking online through AL-AHLY Points website.

- Mobile Top-Up at the biggest telecom networks all over the word through AL-AHLY points website.

7.       Vouchers can only be redeemed for the full amount sent in the e-voucher SMS. Any unutilised amount on the voucher would be forfeited by the cardholder. For refund related cases, the cardholder would be eligible to receive refunds for the payment made through cash/credit card only, however you cannot refund e-vouchers amounts.

8.       NBE is not responsible in case of lost or stolen vouchers and a replacement voucher will not be issued.

9.       Once issued, vouchers can only be used by its original recipient.

10.   Vouchers once issued cannot be cancelled and reward points cannot be credited back into the cardholders account.

11.   The voucher is valid for a period of 90 days from the date of issue as sent in the e-voucher SMS. A voucher can be used only once for redemption.

12.   To redeem an e-voucher, you are required to present your National ID, in addition to the pin code sent in the SMS to the merchants.

13.   NBE reserves the right to change any of the Terms and Conditions governing the use of vouchers.

14.   Customers whose card status is "on hold" will not be able to redeem vouchers on any of the channels available to customers (call center, online and cards center, etc.)

15.   NBE reserves the right to terminate AL-AHLY Points rewards program at any time without prior notice.

16.   NBE reserves the right to cancel and/or forfeit all points earned by a customer across one or more of his/her cards in case customer breaches any of the Terms and Conditions of AL-AHLY Points rewards program as well as the Terms and Conditions of NBE Cards applicable.

17.   NBE is not responsible for the quality of good/s and/or service/s purchased by the cardholder/beneficiary from the merchant.

18.   These Terms and Conditions are applicable in addition to the Terms and Conditions of NBE cards applicable.